My children deserve the credit for piquing my interest in that fascinating breed, the Shetland Sheepdog. As they watched TV in 1983, with other dogs already at home, they asked me for a Lassie. I knew it would be impossible to keep a Collie in our third-floor apartment, but I was attracted to the Collie’s beauty and temperament. So I went in search of a similar, but smaller, breed to give my children. After a long, challenging search – since there was no internet at the time, making this kind of research much more difficult – I had my first contact with Shelties.

The more I learned, the more I was amazed by these little dogs. According to the books and magazines I read, they were smart, sweet, friendly, beautiful, and obedient. Then I discovered there were only two breeders in Brazil, with very few individual dogs and no plans for new litters. So I decided to contact the American Kennel Club for more details on how to obtain a puppy that would meet my children’s expectations.

After corresponding with several American breeders, I decided to visit the United States to purchase my first sheltie, Katie, a lovely sable sheltie that grew up with my children and was treated like a little jewel by the whole family.

I met then the breeders and judges of shelties Daniel and Clayre Gayle through my foray to the United State. They were the ones who sold me Katie, whose father was the successful Champion Macdega The Piano Man. The couple and I made great friends, and three years later, they gave me the gift of another beautiful female sheltie – Jellybean – an extremely sweet tricolor and a wonderful representative of the breed.

Before long, these two dogs began to participate in shows, became champions, and began to give us litters. Around the same time, I had the pleasure of meeting judge and breeder Antônio Costa Dalle Piagge, better known as Toninho, - still a good friend – who also had an imported Sheltie, a beautiful male that became a stud to Katie. Among the resulting litters, my girl gave birth to a beautiful puppy that went to live in Brasilia, Gold Strike of Telleshire, who excelled and went on to win various prizes on the show circuit.

Seven years later, Katie and Jellybean retired and I decided to take a break. I was very attached to my dogs, and it was hard to watch them leave. In 2000, more mature and with my children grown, I decided to return to my passion: breeding Shetland Sheepdogs.

My return to the world of dog breeding brought with it a huge surprise. I discovered that the number of serious, meticulous breeders had increased dramatically during the years of my sabbatical. Now with the help of the internet, I embarked on a very positive exchange of contacts and experiences.

Once again, however, the greatest boost to my return to Shelties came from my American friend Clayre, who introduced me to the American judge and breeder Jean Simmonds, of the Carmylie Kennel, who deeply understands the breed. It was here, in one of the great centers of excellence of Sheltie breeding worldwide, that I acquired Teka and Dino, both sable males.

A year later, I had the pleasure of meeting the breeder and judge Tom Coen, of the Macdega Kennel, the kennel of Katie’s father, where I purchased Kevin, my first bi-color. To top it all off, happy with my return to dog breeding, Toninho gave me Naomi, a tricolor female who primary trait is her extremely sweet nature.

With the characteristics described above, these four dogs brought back my desire to see the breed become more common in Brazil. Indeed, nothing more positive could have happened to my life. Living with these animals again has been a wonderful gift. My dreams were possible just because I have had my husband's support and help for all these years. And we are always together

This story, and my love for the dogs, is what makes my day-to-day even happier. Now, in addition to these four, my family includes new members, like Lisa, Mary Jo, Luna, Dusty Rose, Dillan and Dolby. Dolby is even being trained to perform the breed’s main job: sheep herding. Another dog produced by our kennel, and now owned by Alexandre Nogueira, is Sky, or Telleshire Blue Sky, the top ranked Shetland sheepdog of 2004 and 2005, and winner of several Brazilian and foreign titles. And I’m not done yet. I’m already working to grow this family with new members.

The Shetland sheepdog isn’t just a charming breed, it also lets us meet wonderful people.

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Vânia Lerosa Telles
Owner of Telleshire Kennell



Canil Telleshire - 2006 - produced for portuguese english